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Knowledge and Inspiration for Health and the Environment

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Walk for Your Life! Restoring Neighborhood Walkways to Enhance Community Life, Improve Street Safety and Reduce Obesity
Marie Demers, Ph.D.

Humans have evolved to stand upright and walk on two feet. Unfortunately, modern life has removed much of our need to walk. Although we have benefited considerably from these technological advances, we have suffered considerably from them as well...

Walk for Your Life would be an excellent book for anyone interested in exercise, ecology, health promotion, history, and urban planning, to name a few, and could be used as a supplemental text for multiple college-level courses.

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The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook
Cybele Pascal

Nominated for Foreword Book of the Year!
The First Cookbook to Eliminate ALL 8 Allergens Responsible for 90% of Food Allergies

  • 200 gourmet and homestyle recipes your whole family will absolutely love!
  • All recipes are free of the top 8 allergens: dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish or shellfish!
  • Shopping Guide for hard-to-find items.

Highly Recommended! --Library Journal

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Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness
Jonathon V. Wright

Imagine having respected holistic physicians right at your fingertips to answer some of your most important medical questions. With Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness you can...

Destined to become a classic resource for all those who seek effective, non-toxic solutions to their health problems. I recommend this book to everyone. Christiane Northrup, author of the bestselling book, The Wisdom of Menopause,

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Natural Beauty Basics
Dorie Byers, RN

**New Edition September 2005**

Features new cover, updated graphics and recipes.

Citrus Lip Gloss * Lemon-Lavender Deodorant * Cinnamon Clove Mouthwash * Waterless Hand Cleanser * Buttery-Rich Body Balm * Sweet Dreams Sleep Pillow * Salt Body Scrub * Cinnamon-Rose Oatmeal Soap * Aloe Makeup Remover * Silky Conditioning Shampoo * Nail and Cuticle Oil * Apricot Hand Cream

We are inundated with ads that tell us we cannot have naturally beautiful skin and hair without buying and using expensive brand name products...

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Cultivate Health from Within - Dr Shahani's Guide to Probiotics
Khem Shahani

Everyone can benefit from reading this definitive guide that separates the facts from the fallacies about antibiotics, probiotics, and natural human micro-ecology.

What the experts say:

Cultivate Health from Within covers an extremely important aspect of medicine, health and longevity. Director of the Cardiovascular Wellness Centers of New York, and best selling author


Cybele Pascal

Cybele Pascal

"An estimated eleven million Americans now have food allergies, and the numbers are rising rapidly. There are many questions about why this is occurring, but this book is not intended to answer those questions. Rather, it is about all the wonderful, healthy and delicious foods you CAN eat. After a couple of months, you'll hardly notice that you've been on a special diet."

Food is Cybele's passion, and cooking fresh, delicious and healthy meals for her family and friends is a daily pleasure. Cybele learned about hypoallergenic cooking first hand when her son was diagnosed with severe food allergies, and made turning it into a delicacy her priority. She lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband, Broadway leading man Adam Pascal, and their sons Lennon and Montgomery.


We want to awaken and empower people to become active participants in their own health and the health of our planet. Our mission is to publish information that will support and promote a secure knowledge base for everyone who has an interest in health and their environment.


Vital Health Publishing, Inc.
is an independent publishing firm that targets health
through food and nutrition


John Diamond, M.D.
This website is the major resource center on the web for Dr. Diamond and his work. In it, you can learn about The Diamond Path of Life, more about Dr. Diamond himself, upcoming events, and training and classes in his work.

Life Energy Arts
Life Energy Arts is dedicated to bringing to the public artistic and educational products relating to holistic healing. Our focus is the work of John Diamond M.D., especially the notion of Life Energy, the Healing Power Within.

John Diamond Art
Life Energy Art is the creation of John Diamond, M.D., one of the world's leaders in the field of the Arts and Healing, and includes paintings, photographs, and clay sculptures.

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Now Streaming: The Fulford Interviews
We are excited to announce the FULFORD INTERVIEWS are now available for streaming. Dr. Robert Fulford (1905-1997) was one of the pioneering cranial osteopaths and a personal friend and associate of Dr. John Diamond's for many years.

New Book: Arborophilia
We are proud to announce the publication of Dr. John Diamond's newest book Arborophilia: Writings on Trees. Inspired by his lifelong love of trees, it is a magnificent collection of therapeutic writings.

Dr. Chris Reading: In Memoriam
"My good friend, Dr. Chris Reading, after a long illness has just died, his spirit returning. I'm sure that as the spirit of another old friend, Dr. George Goodheart reassures me, he too will do better work now that he has been set free."
Dr. John Diamond

New Video: Art as Metaverbal Communication
Now available for free viewing: An excerpt from Dr. John Diamond's exhibit lecture at the Katonah Village Library in Katonah, NY, July 2011. In the video Dr. Diamond addresses a core issue of the therapeutic power of art: its ability to reach us at a deeper level than words. Or, as he terms it, its metaverbal (literally "beyond words") power.

New Photo Galleries: Japanese Garden & Pritzker Exhibits
Please enjoy these photographs of two of Dr. John Diamond's art exhibits. Original art and photographic prints can be purchased from

New Article: Music for the Soul
We are pleased to offer this classic article about Dr. John Diamond, which originally appeared in the East West journal in 1988. Titled "Dr. John Diamond's Music for the Soul," the article offers an excellent, clearly written introduction to both Dr. Diamond's work in general, and more specifically his pioneering work with music and healing.

New Video: Art for Healing
Now available for free viewing: Excerpts from Dr. John Diamond's exhibit lecture at Galeria Jan in La Jolla, CA, December 2010. Dr. Diamond discusses art for healing, Paleolithic cave art, and the Confucian concept of benevolence.